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welcome to the world. and 2012.

I haven't posted in a while! That's probably due to several reasons, including adaptation to new websites and forms of social networking - ie, I use facebook and twitter - and the fact that not much is really going on. I really ought to keep this up anyway, as a journal at the least, but... um. Yes.

New Year's was fun, spent with my family as usual.

Things I've done lately... I accidentally got the slashreport (/report) podcast put on iTunes, because I was trying to make iTunes act as a podcatcher and they interpeted that as I wanted them to catch the podcasts on the server in general, not just for my own personal use. I count this as a win! Especially since Mom gave me her old iPod and it's currently my technological darling.

I've started using twitter, although admittedly just to follow people and not really to tweet about my life. I follow the /report twitter, run by mklutz and Pru, who I already knew were clever. I've also just started following Misha Collins, who I had no idea was really funny! He plays Castiel on Supernatural, which I should watch but don't. I read the fic instead, and it's sort of scary how you can keep up with a show just be reading the fic. It does, however, mean I can never write in that fandom until I actually watch the show, because otherwise I'll include fanon unblinkingly and be confused if someone points out a detail doesn't actually exist.

On the other hand, fanon, who's going to quibble with me over that? If it hasn't already been jossed, it's basically just a fandom cliche, and everyone loves cliches. Or at least, a lot of people love cliches, that's how they earn their status as such.

I've finally been given enough hours at work, only to discover I was scheduled out of my availabity on Friday. I have two options - suck it up, or complain. Complaining results in one of three things - lose the hours entirely as they get given to someone else, lose a few hours as they cut my shift short at the end of my availability, or mysteriously gain hours as my shift gets moved and expanded. (Look at these lists! It's almost organizational.) That last one has happened once, it was fantastic.

I visited my parents' place and went through some of my many boxes of old crap books and video games, and I found one of my favorite books! It's called Death Note: Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. Besides having one too many colons to be socially acceptable, the book is awesome. It's by one of my favorite authors, which doesn't hurt, and is about the case L worked with Naomi Misora before the events in the Death Note series took place. It's probably an okay book if you haven't seen/read Death Note, and definitely still readable, but I think it's excellent if you've seen/read Death Note already. Knowledge of the series adds a lot to the book. Which is fair, since it was written to be a companion to the series.

The book doesn't add anything to the rest of the series, though, except for making me hate Raye Penbar more since he insisted Naomi quit her job when they get married. Asshole. In case you didn't catch it from the series, Naomi is awesome and should be working all the cases. I like her an awful lot.

always tired, always my own fault

Writing is annoying. I want to write, but I can't. Then when I don't want to write, I'm tired or whatever and want to chill and read until the words blur and I lie to myself about my ability to comprehend the written word at 3 am, the ideas come to me in droves. It's very annoying. (I do love writing and getting words out, though.)

I've been writing a story about an AU Rukia for a little bit, and I have followers. Literally, two people that review every single chapter after I put it out. It boggles my mind but I am so grateful, especially since this is just some random thing I'm writing. And yeah, I know there are authors out there with tons and tons of followers, and the Trainwreck Tenipuri fic has had something like a religion even though it is so easy to make fun of, but. Mine. How cool is that?

Steins;Gate is being translated, and if they keep up at this speed, I suspect it'll be released by the end of the year. It's weird because I don't always finish VNs I start reading, but it's by the same people (I'm pretty sure) that did Chaos;Head, which was... really fucking weird, but the first visual novel I ever finished reading. It didn't even have routes for the girls or anything, which I think is rare for big name VNs that aren't strictly kinetic novels - there was a great end, and a good end, and the end where you picked the delusions all the time and things turned out poorly because that's obviously the crazy choice. Point is, I am looking forward to Steins;Gate.

Life is pretty normal. NYCC's next month. Work is busy - thank goodness, because that gets me more hours, and this 30 hours shit I had the last two or three weeks was not good for my bank account.
See subject line. Because I swear I had one, once upon a time! I was a really excellent student in high school! And sometimes in college when I was trying and not depressed. (I will never forget my perfect score on that one paper for writing/theater class, where I was apologizing for my lateness and starting to cry because I was depressed and still worried about my dad, and my teacher is trying to comfort me and finally goes, "I already graded your paper, you got a hundred! I'm not making this up, see?" and shows me my graded paper.) In any case, I used to be able to focus, and now I've figured out that my lack of being able to finish NaNo has nothing to do with the fact that I won't just sit down and write and more to do with my not wanting to work on a single story for that long.

It's a bit frustrating.

Life is decent right now, I got to see the Alexander McQueen exhibit twice while it was in the Met, (it ended a few days ago, I think,) and I'm going out to Alice's Teacup with my co-worker Eisha tomorrow. (Co-workers are actually called 'partners' at Starbucks, but I try not to use that term with non-partners because I'm pretty sure a customer once thought I was working with my wife.) Alice's Teacup is a really lovely place that sells delicious scones and (I'm assuming also delicious, though I haven't tried it) tea. Their tea list is very extensive, and we're going because Eisha has some tea she hasn't tried yet that she is determined to taste. They also have really excellent sandwiches, which I hadn't expected but there you are. One of them is within a mile of the Met, so if you're in the city and visiting the museum, I recommend heading there for lunch.

Kati-nee-chan is visiting the week after next, which is exciting since I haven't seen her in six years! Or spoken to her, really, but I'm not terribly surprised at myself for this. I'm wretched at keeping in contact with people I don't live near, except for Nessa and Jeff, of whom the latter just sort of puts up with it and the former I can pick up conversations with easily even if we haven't spoken in months. (The qualities that make up BFFs, people!)

I finally got Mass Effect 2! I've never played the first one but caught myself up on the story in order to not be surprised by the one I am playing. Not being able to play the first one is not my fault - my PC won't run it, I don't own an XBox360, and apparently Microsoft had a hand in the first game (but not the second!) and refuses to let Bioware publish the game on Sony, which is has not stake in. I'd be angry at Bill Gates if it weren't for the fact that he pretty much just does charity work these days, I think, and probably doesn't care at all about spreading Mass Effect to the people who love and want to marry and have technologically advanced babies with Sony.

I like the game a lot, even though it's a shooter. I am terrible at shooters and have trouble even when the game is set on easy; still, I've somehow managed to muddle through. I'm a bit disappointed at my romance options, though. I like to pick someone I actually think is likeable on a personal level, at least on my first playthrough of a Bioware game. There are three female (or semi-female, who are nongendered or something but look like chicks) side options - thank you, Bioware, full of male programmers who encourage lesbian characters but not gay ones in this game (they did better in DA1&2) - and the main male options are all not my type at all. This is going to sound a bit terrible for the last part, but it is true - two are aliens (one is funny but still ucky looking, haven't met the other yet in-game but still, kind of egh looking,) and the other is a boring black guy. I rarely find black men attractive, and I never find boring people attractive. Pretty much the only black guy I have ever thought was hot in my life is the dude in the Old Spice commercials. ("I'm the man your man could smell like.")

My roommate James has been playing it too and dislikes the lead female options he's encoutered thus far, which are Miranda and Jack. Or, as he described them, "a bitch and an angry bitch. And the second one's not even hot." So although neither of us have encountered our final options, we're both kind of disappointed with the romance options overall. Bad form, Bioware!

NY Comic-con/Anime Fest will be in the middle of October, and I'm planning on volunteering all four days. Despite having to wake up stupid early and that I'm basically getting - *checks website* Okay, screw that line of thought. I enjoy working the con and I save the $85 I would spent if I wanted to go all four days. Rock on. (To be fair, I'm really saving $65 because I wouldn't have cared to spend an extra twenty bucks to go when no one's around, because then you miss out on photographing costumes for that day, but whatever.)
I forgot to sign into livejournal the other day, and when I tried to access someone's fic, LJ asked me if I was 18. And it just hit me - man, I remember when I clicked that thing on sites and was lying my ass off. I'm 24 and Izzy and I were watching Glee Project (it's stupidly entertaining, a reality competition with singing,) and they are all so young they're just 18-21, but sometimes one of them says something and I'm thinking... you'll grow out of that. (Hopefully!) With maturity can come less angst, if you let it. I think we're all required to angst a little as teens, but hopefully you can let go and grow past that as adults.

This entry started off about how weird it was that I'm doing the exact same thing I did at 16, just with less, you know, lying. I'm not sure where it went.

The Governor's School program in NC is in danger of being shut down because the state won't give it any fucking funding. I donated twenty bucks, because they said they can run with tuition costs if they can get $100,000 by August 1 or something. They're at $60k right now, so I hope they make it. I loved GS so much. Still love. I haven't been back for alumni day yet - it's kind of halfway down this country's coast from me - but I hope to at some point. It shaped me as a person. It is literally the longest sustained period of happiness I have ever had, emphasized in memory by the shitty stuff that happened after I went home. It's not the poor - well, I guess indirectly, since the poor couldn't afford even minimal tuition if they charged - and it's not for animals and it's not for a tearjerking cause. It's for smart kids in a single state who deserve to have one hell of an awesome summer, learning and connecting and having fun and being free for the first time (as long as you don't leave the campus area!). I want other people to be as profoundly affected as I was.

In other, more mundane news, work is fine. Friends are fine. Izzy threw a kegger and I did my first keg stand - eight seconds, but I will totally get better. Jenna's first time was a repectable eleven. Anastasiya is awesome and did twenty-three seconds her first time! That girl is so fantastic in some many ways, I have no words. Her energy could blow up the planet.
I've started playing/reading Umineko again. I'm on the fifth episode, and Witch Hunt is halfway through translating episode eight, which will be the last one. I'm really, really liking this one, I think mostly because it's been focused on a 'mystery stance' instead of a 'anti-fantasy stance' against the witches. Battler is surprisingly weak against magic. The detective introduced for the fifth episode has a stronger base because of course the murders weren't committed by a witch, and by the way, the whole thing damn well better follow Knox's Commandments for Writing Mystery Fiction, because otherwise this whole thing isn't worth the time they're taking to tell it. The only changeto the rules when referenced specifically is #3, which was changed to disallow even one secret passage/room.

I'm going to California later this month, which I'm really excited about. I'll be staying with Jeff, and going there with Izzy, and I have more vacation hours saved up than I've ever actually managed to work in a week. (I haven't used any since I moved to NYC last year.) I should look up some stuff to do, in case other people don't come up with any ideas. I am always perfectly happy to laze about with my friends, but I somehow suspect that would be a waste of a vacation.

The weather's getting warmer, but isn't unbearable yet. I haven't needed the AC, and while I sometimes sweat a little, it's the sweating that's annoying and not the heat. When people complain at work, I basically tell them to suck it up and go live in a southern state for a few years. My lack of sympathy does not go over well! But seriously, last summer was stupidly hot, and we're not even into the middle of summer yet here. The humidity's been up a bit, but I think that's normal, what with living near the ocean. Shouldn't the people living here be used to this by now? Go spend a summer in eastern NC and then tell me this is anything but pleasant!

I'm attempting to not buy any more video games until I've finished Neptunia, at the least. Exceptions will be made, as always, for Tales of games for the PS2, because I can never freaking find them. I found a copy of Legendia a few weeks ago and was thrilled! Now I just need Abyss. I know it's being released for the 3DS, but I don't actually want a 3DS, so that point is moot.

I will make another exception in July for Catherine. Atlus, I love you~! You guys are on such crack.


In terms of Soul Eater, I have an awful lot of sympathy for King Arthur, who would have had to put up with Excalibur. Geh.

Things have been going pretty well in general. Fairly boring, but that's a good thing. On the other hand, it means I don't have much to talk about in terms of what's going on in my life. We had Jenna and Anastasiya over a few days ago and played Risk, and then Tanya came over the next day. It was super nice to see her, since she's been gone for the last six months doing theater tech stuff on a cruise ship. Tanya's always really entertaining and fun to listen to, and she has the best stories.

I went to Strand for the first time today! They brag that they have 18 miles of books, which I guess is supposed to be if they laid them all out? Anyway, it is positively the most awesome bookstore I have ever been in. There are books freaking everywhere, there's just enough aisle space to manage to walk around and not bump into everyone else too much. I went in and thought, "This bookstore might actually be too big for me," but... it wasn't. Books!

On the other hand, regardless of the obscene amount of books, the young adult section was smaller than I thought it would be in comparison to everything else. Since that's mostly what I read, I was a little disappointed. There's an incredible amount of non-fiction, though. And I managed to find and buy RahXephon novels 2-4 (shut up, I'll figure out the story somehow), the third Haruhi novel (which I didn't own yet), a fairytale retalling that I bought for Izzy, and a Trinity Blood novel that I bought for James.

In conclusion, I guess... Strand is soooo big! Even if I didn't find everything I wanted, (no Gerald Morris books, sob,) I felt really at home there. My advice to first-time customers would be... the stepladders are for employees only, so if you can't find an employee to grab a really high book for you, there's probably no one who will notice if you grab it yourself.
LJ says that I have posted 4,000 comments. That's... kind of a lot. It also says I've had this journal for just over seven years. Seven years! I may not have updated very much at certain times, but if you'd told me when I started this journal that I'd still have it in 2011, I would have laughed. Just about the only thing I've been able to keep up with for that long is a few friendships, and really not even many of those. A childhood friend who's practically a long-distance sister, so it's not like that friendhsip is going anywhere, and Aneki, Cheese, Big Jess... I think that's it? And the only person I actually talk to occasionally is Aneki. I guess what I'm saying is, 1) this journal has been around for an eternity in Erica-time, and 2) I am crap at keeping up friendships. But I kind of knew that already.

I think Doctor Who is starting up again next month? Very exciting. I did finish the last season, which is sort of, good job me, I rarely do that unless someone's watching a show with me. Dragon Age II is also coming out next month, as is Okamiden. (Chibiterasu, my god, how adorable!) I've had DAII preordered since early last month, and I will get around to buying Okamiden when I have money again. Previews of the latter say that the system is really similar to the original Okami, but then everyone tends to agree that the original system was really well done, so it's just a case of 'don't fix it if it ain't broke'. I will personally be happy as long as they don't make me fight Yamato-no-Orochi three damn times.

I am sick again, by the way. It's not fun times! I really hate being sick! Whenever I say that, someone always tells me that people rarely enjoy being sick, but I don't care. I really hate it. I had to call off work yesterday - and bless my manager for saying it was okay even though he was having trouble finding someone to cover me. I'd worked with him the night before too and he could see how often I had to go blow my nose. Actually I ended up just stuffing some Kleenex up my nose and changing it occasionally, leading people to ask me if my nose was bleeding. My manager had me tell everyone that he'd punched me. ("And don't give me anymore back talk!")

I'm supposed to be going to AC in a few hours. I think that if I buy another box of Kleenex before I go, it'll be okay. Hopefully I'll have a good time!
Bad days suck. I mean, it's a self-evident truth, but it makes me feel very slightly better to vent that out to the internet. And it's not like the whole day was bad, there were just more downer points than usual. I'm sure tomorrow will be better.

Learning about fashion seems suddenly... interesting! I don't know where this came from, but I'm running with it. A friend of mine has offered to write me an Introduction to Fashion, which is marvelous of her. I figure even if my interest wanes - which it likely will, I try not to kid myself - I'll still carry the knowledge. The same way I read those four LJ posts about guns and don't remember everything, but I still remember what single action, double action, and double action only means. And that holding your gun sideways is really stupid for practical reasons, not just because it looks silly.

(Guys! The aforementioned post about guns was really interesting, and is titled The Inception Fic Writer's Guide to Firearms, even though it can really be taken as a Writer's Guide to Firearms, With Examples from Inception. Check it out!)

I was playing some more of KH: Birth by Sleep - I'll finish it one day, honest - and discovered that Terra is the most chill protagonist ever. Weird character (to him) using crazy magic and carrying a keyblade? Walks right by. Bad guy orders him to do something awful? Totally ignores her and keeps on going. Different bad guy is really suspicious but gives helpful advice? Thanks her and moves on. There's all these small instances where Sora would have been on guard or freaked out a little, or at least questioned it, and Terra just goes with the flow. It's kind of making me love him.

i think this is a post about beauty

I was reading - as I do - and the Fibonacci sequence was mentioned. I learned about it in GSE (Governor's School) and remember hearing that this number was everywhere in nature and thinking it was beautiful. There are all kinds of equations that explain nature phenomena, but this was something I could actually see if I looked, an underlying pattern in the universe written into shells and sunflowers. Math is certainly useful but it had never seemed inherent until then, because we as humans have built empires on math but the universe creates and creates, and I'd never thought math was natural until then. This is a bit of babbling, but it's difficult to explain my initial reaction, that feeling of awe.

GSE was really good for me. I end up mentioning it a decent amount in casual conversation because I learned a lot and took a lot with me, not just the philosophy and the experimental theater, (which I still sort of wtf over, while still missing those hour-long sessions of reacting to my environment without ever thinking,) but also the freedom from my family and suddenly living on my own for the first time. And my friends, my god, the friends I made. I still remember how I met Mike and the enthusiasm when he described Broken Saints, and when I was supposed to be getting introduced to Zim but was kind of busy chasing a butterfly because Zim was going to be around for a few hours but how the hell often did I get to chase butterflies?, and throwing bread in the lake and counting the number of turtles that showed up (32), and walking with Katherine around the lake and avoided raindrop-laden spiderwebs. When Katherine dressed up as Thursday Next, and watching Velvet Goldmine with Rachel and adoring her Sirius Black poster, and walking around with Sarah while she spontaneously sang. I was so, so in love with these people, and I still am.

(Guys, I am absolute pants at keeping in contact with people, but - Rachel, Sarah, Katherine, Mike, if you guys ever need anything, please let me know. I will be ninety and still consider you guys my friends.)

ETA: God, this is so maudlin that I want to take it down, but I meant every word and I love remembering all the fun stuff from GSE, so.
Yesterday, my computer started acting weird. Namely, the anti-virus. I downloaded a different program and ran a full scan, but the new program wouldn't let me turn on the general protection. A few hours later, Chisa (my computer) froze. Then she wouldn't start outside of safe mode. By the time I gave her over to James to try to fix this morning, she wouldn't start in safe mode.


So somehow James did a system restore, but the restore point is way too recent and hasn't actually fixed anything except now she will start in safe mode. We, um, are both kind of despairing of fixing poor Chisa-chan. James says the HP people might be able to do something, but very luckily, I realized that a reformat might be necessary early enough into all this that I copied all my non-program files onto my external hard drive (Tomo-chan, in case anyone was wondering). I'll run a virus scan on them from some other computer, and even if there's a reforat in the future, I won't have to cry over it.

Really, the only files it would pain me to lose are my fanfics, but as long as I was saving those, I saved everything else too.

In other news, it's my birthday! People who took the day off for my birthday:
- NY Law School and probably lots of other schools in the area (snow day)
- The guy at Case I really needed to talk to about one of my debts

All in all, this seems really annoying, but I'm feeling pretty chill about it. The real annoyance will come tomorrow, I think, when I have to wake up early to call the guy at Case before work, and then play MCDC on a keyboard I don't really like. But today! Today is my birthday. There is no room for annoyance, only awesomeness!

Now I will go look at pictures of Joseph Gordon-Levitt in bespoke suits and be happy.


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